All About Tours

My tours promise and deliver organized efficiency so that you can enjoy a stress free promotional period for your book.


Scarlet Rhapsodys primarily promotes pre and post-releaseerotic and steamy romance books in the following genres:

  • New Adult
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • Paranormal – Vampire
  • Paranormal – Werewholf
  • Paranormal – Angel & Demons
  • Steamy Romance
  • Mystery, Thriller & Suspence
  • Literary Fiction

Opening Hours:

Our Book Tours run during weekdays to ensure maximum exposure.

What is needed from you:

Your only responsibility is providing review copies, mailing giveaway prizes when applicable, emailing vouchers or cash prizes to winners and writing guest posts/interviews assigned or pre-prepared.

Options for tours can include:

Book excerpts, promo posts, interviews, guest posts, Q&A, character castings (these are completed by bloggers), deleted scenes and more.

 Tour stops:

If a blogger doesn’t post for whatever reason on their day Scarlet Rhapsodys will either take over the post for the day or try to get another blog to post a promotional post later that day or on another day so that the spot won’t be lost.

The minimum quota of 15 blog hosts will be met.


Although not mandatory, we highly recommend incorporating a giveaway to your tour as they ensure maximum blogger participation of good blogs and encourage readership.

  • Host Only giveaways are only entered by the owners of the blogs who participate to feature your book.
  • Public giveaways are those that everyone else can take part in.


  • Giveaways costs are carried by the author or publisher, including activities relating to shipping, distribution and delivery thereof.
  • Giveaways including autographed books are International unless otherwise specified by author.
  • The Scarlet Rhapsodys brand is not in any way responsible for costs relating to shipping, distribution and delivery of prizes.
Host Only Giveaway suggestions:
  •  $15 USD minimum _  Amazon Gift Card + eBook for the blog hosts Rafflecopter.

Public giveaway suggestions:

  • blogger assigned giveaways for visitors for a certain number of stops,
  • tour-wide grand prize shared across all stops, or
  • a combination of both.
  • I don’t set a limit to what you would want this giveaway to be: cash, vouchers, autographed books, swag, eBooks, or all of the above, etc….
Keep in mind that the better the prizes the better the blogger and reader participation


*booking period is anything from is from  6 weeks.
Our aim is to provide you with a Book Tour that is professional, hassle-free and efficient to achieve best results for your book or books. We look forward to working with you.
For information on othis offer contact me (Gina Khay) here:

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